Wacom Tablets

I have three Wacom tablets. My wife has one and I have two (one for work). I've had my oldest tablet for about 10 years, so it's not a bad investment (about $220,00 USD). The Wacom is nice because it's pressure sensitive (nice for drawing), you don't have to touch the pad to make the mouse move, there's no wire (or battery) on the pen, and you can use a normal mouse as well (you don't have to choose one or the other).
I initially bought the tablet because I was having repetitive stress type injuries and wanted something different than a mouse. In order to use it for wrist problems you need to change the sensitivity settings to real high. For the past few years I've used the mouse with the left hand and the tablet on the right, but I still use the mouse more frequently.
The other reason I bought the mouse was to do drawings on the computer. Unfortunately, I never really picked up the habit.


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