Born to run

Born to run, arg now I've got that song in my head!. Here's an article that explains that evolution made humans marathon runners. Basically big butts indicates that we evolved to run not walk.
We are born to run. According to new research, our bodies are highly evolved for running long distances, an ability that allowed our ancestors to conquer the African savannahs.
I remember seeing one of those nature shows where they showed how these Africans would find an bull antilope with large antlers (because they are heavy - duh) and literaly run them down until they collapsed. The show explained that running on two legs is more efficient than four hooves and being able to sweat and carry water makes us able to run for longer distances than most prey.
I figure soon we'll evolve a large flat butt so we can sit in front of a computer for 14 hours a day.


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