Best freeware utilities

This site has a list of 46 free utilities and is Windows centered. My notes:
  • Naviscope to speed up your internet connection (need to check this one out).
  • Xplorer2 Lite, a file managment tool. I kinda miss Midnight Commander perhaps it's similar?
  • Hot Key utility. Not sure if I need that, but it would be nice to have a key to pause and play my tunes or podcasts from within any program. At the moment I'm using FoxyTunes which is pretty useful for this.
  • Registry cleaner Easy Cleaner, hmm should probably clean up my registry sometime.
  • Gadwin screen capture program, I may need this. I've been using Gimp's screen capture then cropping the result, which works ok, but is slow if you want to do a bunch of screen shots.
  • Stardownloader download accelerator free of ads and other junk. I haven't used a download accelerator since going to bittorrent.
  • Free DLL Cleaner, although disk space is cheap, not sure if it's worth the trouble.
  • Processor viewer from Sys Internals. I've used this program and like it a lot.
  • Renamer utility, I've used a utility like this, once.
  • Infran viewer digital image utility, I used an older version and didn't like it much. Now with Windows XP don't need one as much, but maybe I should look at Infranview again.
  • Winmerge, I use this, alot.
  • A free encryption utility. Hmm, I use gnupg, don't think I'll change.
  • Best free backup utility, might be interesting to look at this. But I prefer an open source solution like Unison or rsync.
  • Best remote control software. This is UltraVNC, I've been using TightVNC, VNC is the way to go in either case.


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