Use the screen

The GNU screen program is somewhat of equivalent to having multiple windows open except in one terminal window. The first time you enter your shell type:
basically it'll give a little message and then go back to the prompt. To open another terminal press Ctrl-A C (C for Create). Now you have two windows open. To go from on window to the next window press Ctrl-A N (N for Next).
Now this is nice but here's the real magic. Exit your terminal program and log back in. Now type:
screen -d -r
you should now be back to your previous screen exactly the way it was before, even with the last messages, etc. Also, if you press Ctrl-A N, you'll go to the next screen and it will be back exactly the way it was before.
So, for example, you can login at work, type screen then do some stuff. When it's time to go home exit the terminal (the best way is Ctrl-A D D) and then go home. At home, login type screen -d -r and continue working or check on your long running tasks.
GNU's screen is a powerful and useful program.


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