iPodder and Podcasting

Podcasting creating a radio show on the computer and putting the MP3 on the Internet. An additional trick is to use RSS to publish the new shows and hooking up a program that automatically downloads the shows.
There's a program called iPodder which you can download. It is created with Python and wxPython (yay!). With that program you add your RSS Podcast feeds and it'll download the shows overnight.
Here's my list at the moment:
The Daily Source Code with Adam Curry is a good one to start with. It's really like pirate radio. Adam swears, smokes drugs on air, stops because the dog wants out, etc. It's very raw, new, and exiting. It's often compared to blogging, but for audio (audioblogging).
It's great except that you can speed read and it's difficult to listen and work at the same time.
Podcasting, of course, relates to the IPod and how you could download the MP3's that you got from the net onto your IPod and listen to it in the car or on the bus. This could really kill what's left of radio.


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