A few months after 9/11 we started seeing Americans asking the question "Why did they do that? Why do these people hate us so much?". The answer, partly, is that the religous and political leaders in these Islamic countries created a propaganda of hate against Americans and the American Way. Shame on them.
But wait a minute, isn't that similar to the propaganda that we did for decades against Communism? You remember the Soviet Union was an evil empire, that communism is an threat to the the sanctity of the American Way, and "Better Dead than Red". Shame on us.
The fear and hate our governments incited in us against USSR was bad, add misery, hopelessness and that's what we're seeing in these Islamic countries.
In the US now, instead of Communism it's Terrorism that is the imminant threat. We must remember the lies or exagerations the government fed us in the past and take a critical eye to what they say today. We must remain aware of the ways in which the government sometimes tries to manipulate us.
In fact you don't have to go very far back, just think of the 'threat' WMDs.


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