Firefox Extensions

Firefox is a great browser, but it comes a little plain vanilla. So you add extensions to make it better. Here's my list:
  • Web Developer. This gives a huge number of tools for web developers to examine their own pages or how other pages are built.
  • SessionSaver. This is a must have. When you close your browser it remembers the tabs you had opened, next time you start Firefox you'll be right back where you left off.
  • Adblock, this blocks ads from web pages. You click on a picture and tell it not to show it again in the future. It's good for work since if they don't recognize that it's a web browser and you remove all the pictures, it looks like you're looking at documentation instead of surfing the web, if someone looks over your shoulder.
  • Link toolbar, this is a great tool for navigating several pages of an article or documentation without having to find and click on the next button. The next, previous, up, index, buttons appear in the status bar if the site has the HTML meta tags (an a lot of sites do).
  • Single Window. This tries to force all pages to be opened in one window in a separate tab. It used to work really well, but it doesn't work as well with the latest firefox (sometimes opens another instance).
  • LiveHTTPHeaders, shows some extra information that the web developer and Firefox itself doesn't show. Does it in a nice way too, by just putting another pane in the Page Info dialog.
  • Mozilla Calendar. It's a calendar application where you can save your appointments etc. Well done, but I use it very rarely.
  • Googlebar adds some google tools to the toolbar, although Firefox has a similar thing built in as well.
  • IE View, see this page in Internet explorer, another web developer tool.
  • Duplicate tab, creates a new tab along with it's history as well.
  • MAF allows you to store an entire web page with pictures to a single MAF file (which stands for Mozilla Arquive Format).
  • WML Browser, allows you to see WML pages for debuging cell phone pages (although I haven't done WML in a while)
  • Image Alt popups, shows the alt image names as a popup like Internet Explorer.
  • FoxyTunes sits in your status bar to stop, start, skip you music player. I use wxMusik to play music and listen to podcasts.
What I haven't been able to find is a simple extension to show, in the status bar, how many bytes the page is and how long it took to download it (although Page Info will show the size). Also I'd like to cut and paste the form info so that it works with my web tests, web developer pretty much does this but I want it even simpler. Maybe it's time that I write some Firefox extensions?


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