Keyboard Monitor is being used

I saw this week that Meet the Gimp is using my keyboard monitor program and gave me nice plug as well.
It was thrill, but bittersweet, since key-mon still doesn't support the Wacom table (and I don't know how to fix it).
I also feel it could look a little better (at least that I can fix).


rado said…
key-mon is very cool
Blue Orca said…
Hi, I'm using key-mon now It indeed is a cool software. But I found a screencast at I hope key-mon can display a chain of keys pressed so that a slow viewer can really catch up. Can you make it happen?
Scott Kirkwood said…
Could you please add a bug ?
Unknown said…
Hi Scott,

First of all THANKS a lot for this great utility.

I would like to add a feature request for next releases of key-mon.
Maybe it is not interesting for you to implement such a thing but I would like to try to suggest it though ;-)

In short, in my opinion, it would be cool to have the option to surround the mouse's cursor with a semi-transparent circle.
This option, in my view, makes the screencasts easier to understand for the viewer.
For example, on Youtube, where the screencasts are often of low quality and it is sometimes difficult to see where the mouse's cursor is placed :-)
This very option, on Windows, is available in most professional softwares to make screenscast (e.g. Camstudio, Camtasia etc).
On the contrary, On Linux, Recordmydesktop or Istanbul don't have such an option.

With Camstudio (, version 2.5 beta, on Windows, my workflow is the following:
1. I choose a semi-transparent colour, picking it from a list of them (e.g. I often choose the yellow). This, in order to surround my cursor with a circle.
The semi- transparent option is essential in order to enable the viewer to see the background under the circle.
Needless to say, I can also choose to not use any circle. Because, as I have explained, this is only an option and you are not forced to use it.
Most important of all, this semi-transparent circle is ONLY shown when you play later the video just recorded (e.g. with Vlc player).
In other words, this circle is NOT shown when you record your video (in order to not distract with its presence the guy who is recording).
2. I choose a semi-transparent colour (e.g. green) to surround my cursor when I press the left button of my mouse.
Even this circle is only shown when I play later the video just recorded (not while recording).
3. I choose a semi-transparent colour (e.g. purple) to surround my cursor when I press the right button of my mouse.
Even this circle is only shown when I play later the video just recorded.
You can take a look at this video I put in Flickr which shows these options with Camstudio (

Best regards and keep up your wonderful work :-)

Scott Kirkwood said…

This wouldn't work with key-mon proper.

However, Compiz does have the ability. There's already something under Accessibility called "Show Mouse". However it's too flashy to be useful for a podcast. I might consider contributing to Compiz so that we would have this capability.
Unknown said…
Hi Scott,

Thanks a lot for your really fast answer :-)
You rock :-)

> This wouldn't work with key-mon proper.

What a pity :-(

>With Compiz there's already something under Accessibility called "Show Mouse.

The "problem" about showing the mouse with a semi-transparent circle is that this might "distract" the guy who is recording his video (screencast).

To make it short, I have proposed to a German programmer, named Justi, to sponsor his application, that is, RecorditNow.
He is really young and it could use some little money ;-)
You can find his open-source software, which runs fine on Linux (especially on Kde), at the following link:

Unfortunately, Justi, doesn't know how to program in C.
He explained me he should modify Recordmydesktop to allow this option.
On top of that, Recordmydesktop doesn't have an active developer right now :-(
At present, though, RecorditNow already allows to use different colours for your mouse's cursors BUT they are showed when you record the video.
On the contrary, on Windows, all professional programs to record Videos (e.g. Camtasia) don't show this mouse circle while recording (only later is showed).
In my opinion, this is much, much better default option!

Best regards and THANKS again for your answer


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