Presentation: Using Python in Lieu of Bash

I just gave a presentation at Google today. Part of my promised results this quarter was to give at least one tech talk, so on the last day, that's what I did!
Normally I would point you to the slides, but some parts were Google confidential, so I can't. Basically, my talk covered how you can use Python instead of Bash for scripting purposes and showed some concrete examples with the subprocess module.
My talk suffered from Murphy's Law for demos, and failed in some places. It was because I had file called which was being included instead of the standard subprocess module (oops).
Once again I used my mm2s5 to create my presentation, and it worked like a charm. I had planned to use Open Office.orgs's Presentation, but ended up running out of time and using S5 instead. What I think I need is an mm2odp program to make an .odp file from my mindmap.


Anonymous said…
I (and many other MindMap users) would absolutely LOVE an mm2odp converter! OpenOffice seems to have some history of talk on this (mostly in French and German), but apparently hasn't done anything about it.
Scott Kirkwood said…
Checkout In fact I completely forgot about writing that code.

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