Created open source utility 'mm2s5'

I just finished posting mm2s5 to this weekend. It's a small Python utility to convert a FreeMind mind-map (.mm) file into an S5 presentation. It was a little hack that I put together to make presentations quickly and somebody else found it useful, so I decided to put it on the net.
You can see an example presentation here and a picture of what that same presentation looks like in FreeMind here.


Anonymous said…
Hi Scott,
I am a novice to python and would like to use your little utility to convert freemind mindmaps to s5 presentations.

How can I do this without learning python?

I installed python 2.5, downloaded your tool and now I don't know what to do to use it. Please give some advice.

Regards Gerhard
Scott Kirkwood said…
I'm sorry, I never put in easy documentation, my bad.
Good news is you don't have to learn Python.
I think the easiest is downloading the zip version of the program. Unzipping the files in a folder. Then at the DOS command line type:

python install

In the same directory where exists (where you unzipped).
To run it you should type:

mm2s5 output.html

and look at output in output.html.

Under windows I'm not sure if it does the right think and creates mm2s5.bat or not and whether your path points to it.

Feel free to reply at scottakirkwood at gmail dot com if you get an error message that is blocking you.

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