Google Notebook, great for blogging

I just discovered Google Notebook that I knew existed but had never tried it, I heard it referred to as a post-it note type tool, but it's more useful than that (I'm not a big Post-it™ fan). If you install the extension, you can quickly select and gather snippets from a web page and throw it in your notebook. It automatically keeps track of the originating link and the date you clipped it. The notebook supports rich text and images, in that sense it's quite complete.
The only thing missing is the ability to take an entire notebook and make a blog entry for it. Maybe I could make it my 20% project.


Unknown said…
Scott - I'm trying to get back in touch with you - but your blog doesn't have a handy contact/email button. Just a link to Yahoo Messenger.

Give me a shout mlevison at gmail dot com.

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