Funny: McDonald's ads

This is a delicious site which has links to actual McDonald's TV commercials and has rip roaring commentaries on every one of them.
Maybe I shouldn't make fun of this ad. To their credit, McDonald's was a trailblazer in employing minority actors and portraying all of the races of mankind as one big poorly nourished community. And here they're tearing down the destructive stereotype that only white people can suck at music.
Or this one:
It's funny how their magical romp ends at a real-life McDonald's restaurant. I'm sure that place does bang-up business selling burgers twenty feet from where they grow on bushes for free. I guess they get paid to remove the big googly hamburger eyes so you can eat without your lunch staring reproachfully back at you.
And don't forget to look at the comparison between McMayors election and Bush's election.


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