Nostalgia: This reminded me of a a school project

When I was going to Bishop's University we had a project class where we were expected to write a reasonably large program in a language of our choosing. My project was called "Filer", written in C++ (or was it Pascal?) for the Atari ST. Basically, with my program you could copy, delete, move, and rename files. I copied the look of Midnight Commander but using a graphical interface and would allow dragging and dropping. I spent many sleepless nights trying to finish this project, but when I demoed it was obvious that the reviewers didn't know where the Atari GUI ended and my program began (I guess that's a compliment in a way). So I did something intelligent, I printed out the source code. It ended up being like four inches thick and I gave it to the reviewers.
Well today I was going through Freshmeat and found this project, with the exact same name and nearly identical look to my project.
I think if I were to do that project again today I would write it in Python and with the wxPython framework, and would take 1/10th the amount of time and code.


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