UI: iRiver

I've finally seen the iPod. The UI is very nice on the iPod, the thumb wheel is brilliant. The buttons on my iRiver H340 are quaint, in retrospect.
I wish that iRiver put PageUp, PageDown buttons on their interface, when scrolling through hundreds of directories the +/- buttons are too slow. The Dot and A-B buttons on the right could be overloaded to be PageUp and PageDown, since they aren't used in that mode.
Another complaint I have is that when you press the dot button goes between the different playing modes which have names like "D", "A", "SFL DA". Why don't the put near the bottom a long description of the playing mode, for a second or two? So that SFL DA becomes, "Shuffle, Directory All". Which brings me to another complaint, I don't see any difference between "SFL DA", and "SFL D". I was hoping that one would shuffle between all the files in the current directory and below, yeash.


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