Shangri-la Diet

I've started my first ever diet. Of course, I have been trying to eat well but never followed a diet in a book before. The Shangri-la Diet appeals to me (as a programmer) since it's more like a brain hack. The idea is that there is a trick to lower your "set point" the point a which you feel full and at the weight that your body wants to be. If you lower that point you eat less, if you eat less you loose weight. You'll never feel hungry because you are eating until you feel full, as you would normally. This diet has a lot of advantages:
  • There no restrictions on what to eat
  • It's cheap (practically free)
  • You simply add something to your daily intake, sort of like taking a medicine
  • It's perfectly safe
  • You never feel hungry
  • You can choose how much weight you want to loose you can adjust things as you go along
  • It's fast, you'll notice a change in eating habits in a day (or two).
  • If you go off the 'diet' you wont bounce back to your old weight as quickly as would a normal diet since you have changed your set point. Your set point will slowly go up and you will slowly gain weight. So this diet is far less likely to cause the yo-yo dieting effect.
  • There's no calorie counting, forbidden foods, formulas, charts - nothing.
The negatives:
  • You can't easily make money off this diet, the diet is so simple you don't even need to buy the book.
  • The diet is new (less than 3 years).
  • Some people are disgusted with what they have to imbibe (my take: get over it - it's neither foul nor fair).
If you don't want to buy the book almost all the information can be found here.
You can get Seth's book at Amazon.
I've only started the 'diet' two days ago and noticed already that I'm eating a lot less at meals. I'm also reading Fatastic Voyage by Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman, which is also a diet book , of sorts.
I also noticed that if you examine other diets like Atkins, South Beach, etc. using Seth's theory you can see why these diets initially work very well, and then often fail to work over time.


Stephen said…
Congrats. Keep up the posting.

It's cheap (practically free) -- which is the best thing about it in terms of getting people to try it.

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