Shangri-la Diet Update

It's been less than a week and I'm already seing some improvements. I noticed that my pants were a little too loose, so I tighted my belt. It was a belt hole that I had never used before!
So these are other things I've noticed:
  • Eating less sometimes it's like 1/2 other times or like 2/3rds from normal.
  • I find that the healthier foods are suddenly a lot more appealing to me. Perhaps since I crave less calories I'm not diving for the meats as much.
  • I'm drinking a little less. Normally I would drink two glasses of wine, now I'm happy with just one.
  • I'm eating slower than before. I normally ate more than everyone else and finished first, now I'm eating less and finishing almost last. I'm chewing and savoring the food more.
  • I'm not more tired or groggy and I'm sleeping normally. I would have expected eating less calories would make me tired, but it hasn't at all.
  • I prefer the oil to the sugar water. I take the sugar water at work, but I'm afraid I'd look like a weirdo drinking oil there. In the future I may bring a little dose in two plastic vials and drink one in the morning at work and one in the afternoon.
  • One negative side-effect is having some mild headaches.
  • Another side-effect is sometimes having heart-burn (or something similar to it). Again nothing extreme.
  • I've noticed that I'm seem to be going to the bathroom more (for number 2). It used to be once a day, now it's more like two.
  • I neither look forward to the oil or sugar water nor dread it. It's not enjoyable, but that's maybe the point.
  • I don't feel nervous or anything, in fact I feel great.
All in all I've very happy with the diet so far. I figure, loosing about a 2 lbs (a bit less than a kilo) I should reach my goal of about 80kg (176 lbs) by December. Here's my goal:
  • July 15th, 2006 - 100 kg (220 lbs)
  • Dec 16th, 2006 - 80 kg (176 lbs)
I just went to this site to calculate my ideal weight which at 5' 11" (180 cm) which they say should be from 136 lbs to 179 lbs (62kg-81kg), so perhaps I'm not aiming low enough! Maybe I should go another 10 weeks or so to 70 kg.


Stephen said…
The headaches go away after a while. They seem to come from two different sources. A lot of people take in a lot less caffiene.

Others need to adjust to the intake of oil.

But it generally takes only a week or so and the headaches are history.

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