AMD stock goes down?

AMD StocksI was a little surprised that AMD's stocks went down today because of a small forecast warning for the next quarter. I like the AMD chips (more than the Intel chips) because they are faster and cheaper and came out first with a good 64 version (although for laptops I hear the Intels chips are cooler). What I really interests me in AMD is:
  • Their support for the OLPC (aka $100 laptop). They are making 1.0 watt Geode chips for this device.
  • Oops, I thought AMD was making the chips for the Nintendo Wii, but I got confused with ATI (which AMD is sometimes rumored to buy).
  • AMD signs a deal with Dell. Although Dell is months late in doing this and they are probably only doing this to strong arm Intel.
  • Google may be switching to AMD chips. It makes sense for Google to go 64 bit since it may make some algorithms simpler (and would allow machines with more than 2 GB of RAM).


Anonymous said…
is that an AMD chip in the new Dell ad?

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