State of Fear

I just finished listening to a State of Fear by Michael Crichton. My big problem with the book is that Crichton tries to debunk global warming as unsubstantiated and as fear mongering. On the plus side Crichton does bring up some valid points about uncertainties with climate change, but it is very one sided in the book. I also agreed with Crichton that politicians use fear to gain power - but today it's more "terrorism" than global warming. I also have a beef with Treehuggers who see things only black and white. For example:
All of these all have pros and cons and simplifying things as for or against just doesn't help.

All in all I'm dissapointed with the book and the stance it takes. It doesn't help that Bush liked the book and met with Crichton.

In order to balance my Karma:
An Incovenient Truth - coming to a theater near you.
How to Talk to a Global Warming Skeptic has a lot of questions and answers.
The Scientific Consensus on Climate Change ...But there is a scientific consensus on the reality of anthropogenic climate change. Climate scientists have repeatedly tried to make this clear. It is time for the rest of us to listen.
The Debate is Over.


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