The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) group has some new shots of some real prototypes. If you click on the image on the right you can see the keyboard a bit better.
There are few things I don't like that much about the keyboard. First they replaced the Zero key with an X for Multiply, probably just a little mistake. There appears to be an Undo key instead of backspace which is not a big deal. What appears a little annoying is that the cursor keys are next to the screen, which might get tiring lifting your arms to that level. If they are going to mess with the standard keyboard layout, why don't they get rid of the caps lock key?
Some people feel that the OLPC is just the wrong way to go. I think the confusion is thinking of this as a laptop! (perhaps it's badly named). I think it's more useful to think if of it as a digital book and a digital notebook. What this is, is a way of distributing text books cheaply and saving on paper for written assignments. For some, this "reader" will open up a whole world of information and literature which would have been impossible before. I can tell you that here in Brazil, libraries are not very big nor have many books. These laptops may actually save money since you remove the needs of a library, a computer lab, textbooks, notebook and pencils.


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