Crunchy Frog

Cruncy Frog is quite neat, it's a python web server that you can use to make a python tutorial. You can enter python expressions (even multiline python code) and it'll run the code and show the output in the browser page. The idea is that you can create a tutorial that lives in the browser and where the students can write and test actual python programs.
It's looks like it's part of RUR-PLE project, which is near and dear to my heart since I also made a Karel the Robot interpreter. One of my first paid programming jobs was to make (using Turbo Pascal) a (recursive descent) interpreter for Karel programs along with a graphical interface showing the robot's world. The program had a built in text and "world" editor as well. It also mimicked the Turbo Pascal interface as much as possible so that when the students started programming they would already be used it. I remember the hardest part was giving helpful error messages when something went wrong.
By the way, Karel ?apek, wrote a play R.U.R. where he introduced the world to the word Robot. Continuing the obscure references, is Crunch Frog which is a Monty Python sketch and of course Python, the programming language, comes from Monty Python.


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