The fall of Sony?

I've blogged about this before and there are other's making the same noise. I don't like Sony because they are just too greedy. They design their products so that if you buy one, you become compeled to continue buying from them. For example, their DAT tapes drive which only Sony players could play, or their MemoryStick memory which only Sony players can use.
Because I'm a computer guy if anyone asks I steer them away from Sony products. It's a little unfair, because the company is quite large and some of their products are fine. But these bad decisions are being made from the top and taints the whole company.
I think their PS3 won't be a big seller. It's very expensive compared to the competition, there's nothing innovative with the machine (just faster better graphics) and it has a Blueray drive which nobody is really asking for, and is just driving up the costs.
When it comes to game consoles I'm now a Nintendo man. I just went out and bought the Nintendo DS. This device is very different - touch dual display, voice and pen input. Some of the games are innovative as well - like Nintendogs and Brain Age, which I bought as well. The price was right, the device appears to be very durable. The Nintendo Wii also promises to be very innovative and inexpensive console. The Wii might be my first console since the Atari 2600 that I'll pay money for.
Maybe it's age, but I think companies (or countries!) that behave badly should be punished, and I'm willing to punish with my wallet. When it comes to gaming consoles I'm somewhat anti Microsoft, very anti Sony and very pro Nintendo.


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