Thinking about my future MAME Cabinet

I'm still thinking about making a MAME cabinet.
I'm trying to piece together which games I would really like to be able to play to figure out which controls I would need. Here's my list so far:

Two 8-way Joystick Games for one person:
  • Robotron 2048, this is my all-time favorite game two 8 position joysticks
  • Black Widow I used to play this, similar a little to Robotron
4-way joystick games for one or two players:
  • Joust, this is a fun but hard game
  • Top Gunner (know as Jackal in MAME) I played this game a lot.
  • Elevator Action, I liked this game.
  • Burger Time, fun older game
  • Ms. Pac Man, a classic
  • Donkey Kong Jr., another classic I was never that good at.
  • Galaga
  • Defender
8-way joystick games for one or more players:
  • Gauntlet (et. al) great game but was more expensive.
  • Ghost 'n Goblins, I like this game but found it quite hard too
  • Golden Axe - popular
  • various fighting games, I never liked them that much but Victor does.
Laserdisk Games (needs Daphne instead of MAME):
  • Dragon's Lair, I remember when this came out, unfortunately it was too expensive to play very much, I think that Victor would like this game.
  • Space Ace, also a good laserdisk game I didn't play very much.
Games that plays best with a spinner knob
  • Tempest, played this game a fair amount
  • Arkanoid et al., great games
  • Some driving games might work with a spinner.
Shooting Games:
Games that work best with a trackball:
  • Centipede, never a big fan
  • Missile Command, classic but never enjoyed it much.
  • Marble Madness, fun game, but I never got far into it.
  • Crystal Castle, I got a little good at that game.
Games that may require a steering wheel:
Misc games:Links:


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