Learning about arcades games

I'm still hot on building a MAME cabinet and I'm learning a lot.
I've learned that there are 8 position joysticks and 4 position joysticks (and joysticks that do both). The Ultramarc has a nice one that does both and you can switch between the two by moving the joystick a certain way. The reason you need both is that many older games use 4 position joystics and the 8 position doesn't work as smoothly for those games (i.e. if you do a diagonal it doesn't know if you want to go up or right, say). The Ultramarc Mag-Stick Plus also uses a magnet to center the joystick instead of a spring which should mean it'll last forever.
These joysticks are also built very sturdy, they really should last a lifetime (or at least your lifetime).
I though about getting a spinner, but some some strange reason, they are rather expensive, one spinner can be more expensive than two joysticks.
On the other hand you can try to make your own, by canabolizing a mouse - but it won't work as well.
Another thought was to get a gun for shooting games. But they have problems too. You are limited to certain resolutions (some only support 640x480) and probably don't work with LCD screens.
I've got a USB driving wheel, so I'm thinking of adding a bracket for it and a USB port on the front so I can quickly attach it.


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