More on Python Hosting

In a previous post I mentioned that I'm probably going to change web hosting providers. My site is old and decrepid and I want to rejuvinate it. I also want to keep the old URLS (like to my CV) which should be easy to do with TurboGears and/or Apache URL rewrite.
I need to ask myself why I want a site to begin with (my other option is to leave my computer on and have people use my machine directly).
  • Offsite storage - i.e. backup - I used to pay US$90.00 a year for only 100 MB of space, now I can store up to 1 GB. I'm going to have to use bacula or Unison to do this on a regular basis.
  • Increased chance of doing something that might make me some money (i.e. a site made for someone else).
  • Backup of my backup. Those sites do daily backups for me.
  • Subversion storage. I have subversion on my home machine that I use, but having it somewhere else is even nicer (especially since someone is backup it up for me).
  • Automatic updates of patches. My Mandrake home server is so out of date I can't update it anymore. I'm probably going to have to start from scratch using Ubuntu on that machine. A hosting services will keep up with the patches for me.
Quite a few years ago I started by site and never did much with it. Mostly I did some PHP work with MySQL, but PHP isn't the language for me (nor is MySQL). The web hosting provider I'm considering is, Plan 2 for USD$150.00 a year. I need plan 2 because I'd like to use TurboGears which needs 1 "long running process" for CherryPy. Perhaps next year they will lower the price or TurboGears will work with no long running processes.
What really makes me like them is that they have subversion and trac already installed. These are tools that I use on a daily basis. They also allow login via SSH which my current provider stopped supporting years ago. SSH is really a must for me doing everything via FTP is just too painful.


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