How I'd Improve the Nintendo Wii

Nintendo is coming out with the Wii MotionPlus, which improves the already revolutionary controller. It started me thinking on what else Nintendo could do.

For instance, one or two cameras could be mounted on the TV pointing to the players. This has been done before and makes for some fun games. It also could be used to improve the playability of the games. Imagine a sword fight where you can physically jump out of the way of the sword!

Today if I want to play a quick game on the Wii Fit, I have to:
  1. Drag out the Wii Fit platform and turn it on.
  2. Find the Wii Fit DVD.
  3. Eject the game that's already in the console, hope that my son saved his game and put the DVD somewhere.
  4. Put the Wii Fit DVD in the console and restart the console.
  5. Move and click the cursor to select the Wii Fit game.
  6. Go through several screens and warnings.
  7. Select which player I am.
  8. Start playing, whew!
It could be a lot easier. Putting in a DVD to select a game seems sooo 2001. I can't remeber the last time I put in a CD to listen to music. It should be more like this:
  1. Drag out the Wii Fit platform and turn it on.
  2. The Wii suspends my son's currently game and shows me a list of games that run with the Wii Fit.
  3. Allows me to select the game by gesturing to the screen (using the camera, I should need the wiimote for something a simple as this). It loads up the game nearly instantly from it's internal drive. It already knows who I am since it used face recognition from the camera.
  4. Start playing.
Wii Fit could now tell if I'm doing the posture correctly confirming my position in the camera. Now instead of saying "You have good posture" it could say "You have lousy posture, but your balance is good".


Anonymous said…
Interesting thoughts but I'm already satisfied with the Nintendo Wii. Love the Bowling game included with the console (got the limited edition pack). I guess we'll know more at E3. HD ? Camera ? Who knows...


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