Grub Could be A lot Simpler

Today I reinstalled Windows XP on my son's machine (my old machine). Ubuntu works perfectly with sound, video, and internet, but Windows...
In Windows, I had no sound, no internet, and problems with the video card. Then when I tried to update, it said I can't use and English version of XP in Brazil!
So I reinstalled with a Brazilian version of XP which blew away the boot sector (and thus the menu for selecting Ubuntu is gone).
There are some good instructions here on how to restore grub, but jeez, such a simple program has to be so much work:
Worse, it's even picky about spaces, you need to put a space (shown above as '␣') or you'll get an error message, you've got to be kidding me. If you forget the sudo, it gives you useless error message instead of mentioning that running as root is probably a good idea.
I suggest they fix grub with tab completion so that I can just press "r" and get:
restore my goddamn boot menu!
It should just figure out the rest, possibly asking a question if there's any doubt.


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