Released Clipboard Modifier

I released another open source program called Clipboard Modifier. I guess I'm amortizing all the effort it takes to open source a program my doing them back-to-back, when all the details are still fresh in my mind.
This little utility uses wxPython and modifies your clipboard using plugins that you provide.
I needed this at work to copy and paste a spreadsheet into a Wiki. Wiki's aren't very good at making tables and this little program leverages the capabilities of a spreadsheet to insert columns rows, etc.. Basically, I create the spreadsheet in OpenOffice and then using Clipboard Modifier copy and paste a wiki style table into the Wiki.
To make the program a little more complete, I've also added some other plugins. For example, there is one that takes some text and converts it into something that Java or Python would like (in double quotes, etc.).
I have more ideas of this type. Looks like I'm going for quantity, instead of quality.


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