MyZones launched

I've posted another open source Python program called MyZones.
I basically had the desire to know what time it is in another timezone and feel confident that the answer is true. By using pytz, I feel much more confidant that I will always have the correct time for the various timezones. The program is simple and simply works, but I have some additional things I'd like to add.
Right now you can change the time in any timezone shown and the clock will stop updating and all the other zones will be synchronized correctly. But changing the time is a little clumzy, maybe a dropdown of hours in 30 minute increments might be nicer.
The program is a little plain, could use some sprucing up and wxPython has analog clocks and "digital" displays that I can use for that purpose.
I think I've caught an OpenSource bug, I keep writing these little programs.


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