And now, for something completely different

I've launched another Python* open source program called mm2notes.
I can sure pick those product names can't I: I've launched mm2s5, xml2ddl, wxOptParse maybe I should work for HP so I can name their products like the "HP xw9300". In my defense, at least my names are easy to google.
Anyway, the idea is to take notes during a meeting using the excellent FreeMind program, and my software will convert those notes into a nicely formatted "meeting minutes". The cool part is that even if you fill the nodes of the mind-map under different locations at different times, the program will unroll these nodes based on the time the node was created.
I guess a picture will help out. Look at the FreeMind document which is a little hard to understand and the meeting notes, which is organized by time.
freemind screen shot
mm2notes output screen shot


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