Funny Web Search

Ms. Dewey is a really well done flash application that happens to do web search (badly). What makes it so compelling is the beautiful and funny Janina Gavankar who becomes your search avatar. The first search I put in was for "hammer" (I don't know why) and I was amazed that she actually pulled out a hammer! Turns out this is an experiment by Microsoft.
Here are more funny searches to try:
  • ho - gives a great bleeped out scree.
  • you are so hot - try more than once.
  • illegal drugs - more than once
  • nude - do a few times and she'll undo a few buttons, bring out a crocket mallet.
  • george bush
  • dance - try a few times, she'll do the robot
  • run - try a few times and a monster might chase her
  • Janina Gavankar
  • murder
  • storm - she'll get rained on
  • arts - shoots a paintball
  • beer - fills up a big beer mug.
  • comics
  • tv
  • safety
  • christmas
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