You really need to checkout TurboGears

I've been playing with TurboGears for a little while and it's great (and just getting better). What is it? The main site calls it a "[..]rapid web development megaframework you've been looking for."
I've heard it referred to being something akin to a Linux distribution, just like Linux has a variety of distress that cater to different needs by pulling in different code from different projects: TurboGears is a web development framework that pulls in:
It pulls together these separate best-of-breed projects and puts them together in one simple install, adds some shell scripts and documentation and give it a cool name and logo. There's also some extra libraries included.
You really need to check out the screen casts.
Download this movie and in 20 minutes Kevin will show you how to build a wiki, from scratch, with TurboGears. By the end you'll be able to create and update marked up wiki pages and get a list of all pages through AJAX, a must see.
There's a new movie showing you how to put together a music store. This one shows off an administration module.
And a new screencast showing an internationalization module.
This is a web framework that is easy to install, understand and use. The community around this is very active and new modules are coming in nearly all the time, but the base is stable and relies on established libraries. Take a look.


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