On School Lunches: French vs American

This is a very interesting article which compares the menus of a school in NY state and a school near Paris. I can't believe the crap that American schoolchildren are given, it's embarrasing.
Near the end of the article is a little funny:

I had this difference in sophistication vividly demonstrated some years
ago, when I was a student in Paris. I had been hired to babysit a
five-year-old boy twice a week, in the hopes of teaching him a little
English. One evening, as I was preparing a snack, I held up a piece of

"Nicolas, in English this is called cheese. Can you say that?"
"Very good! Cheese. What would you call this in French?"

Five years old, and he knew his cheeses by name. I
checked him on every one in the fridge. He even knew the names of the
ones that were unpasteurized.

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