Food: Thinking about Bosna sausage

There's some fast food hot dog they have in Austria called the bosna, which I had a hankering for the other day. I guess I had a sausage which was similarly spiced and reminded me of this wonderful food. I can't seem to find a recipe on the internet but I remember it having onions, curry (and paprika?) on a long sausage. Yum. The picture is from Salzburg, Austria and is the actual hole in the wall that I often bought from.


Anonymous said…
hey i hear ya....i was in austria 2 years ago and god hooked on bosna...been looking for a recipe ever since, but can't seem to find one....good luck
Anonymous said…
I was there in 1990 and I still crave that Bosna...

Thanks for posting a picture of the stand, I couldn't remember the name of it.

I would go back to Salzburg if I was in Europe just for one more of those.
dd said…
Yeah, I got hooked on these things while stationed in Bavaria in the 80's and now 20 years later I can still remember how great they were. I would love to be able to have one again.
Anonymous said…
I've also been a huge Bosna fan since the mid-80s.

I know of only one place to get them in the states: Vail Sausage Company in Vail, Colorado. The owner is a chef from Austria!
Anonymous said…
It's been 28 1/2 years since I had one and I still have a yearning for one. I remember that they were absolutely delicious - THE BOMB !!
brendon said…
I was in austria 15 years ago and ate 13 bosna in 3 days. I have been craving them ever since.... Glad I am not alone.
Cherie said…

I've looked for Vail Sausage Co. but does it go by another name and do you remember where in Vail it was located? I was hooked on Bosna when I was in Salzburg in the 1980's.

Thanks so much,


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