Tools: Faces a Project Managment Tool

GanttThis tool (Faces) came out of nowhere and is very interesting. You create you schedule using what looks essentially like Python and it'll output Gantt charts and some other formats (like tables).
Here's a very simple example which has one task which will take one week. It is also setup to output a Gantt chart and a report (spreadsheet):

from faces import *
from faces.lib import report
from faces.lib import gantt
def My_Project():
def Task1():
start = "2005-1-16"
effort = "1w"

project = Project(My_Project)

class Gantt(gantt.standard):
data = project

class Report(report.standard):
data = project
cols = [

What's neat is you can have complex rules about when a task can start and which resources are required for the task. Anything that Python can do you can do with this management tool.


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