New version of wxOptParse released

ExampleI got an e-mail from a user of my open source project wxoptparse, he had some problems and even provided some patches. I downloaded my code from subversion and found that it was still missing some important features and had some other serious issues, which I have since fixed.
This program is a union of Python's option-parser (optparse) and wxPython. My program hijacks optparse and creates a dialog box of the parameters and shows it in a gui. Then by selecting checkboxes, combo-boxes or typing in edit boxes you can choose the parameters to call the program. This is pretty handy for utilities you don't use very often. As long as your python program uses optparse, you have to change anything in your program.
Another handy feature is that it remembers your previous values, so you don't have to type it in again.
There are still a lot of features I can think of to add, but it helps when I get some feedback (sorta like Warnock's Dilemma).


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