I've Gotta Wii

I forgot to post that I managed to get a Wii. For a while I tried from Amazon, even wrote a python program to check the various Amazon pages periodically and put it in my shopping basket the minute it's available. It was finally through the XP Bargains Wii tracker that I was able to find one available via gamestop.com. It came with 6 games and an extra remote. The extras games besides Wii Sports are Zelda, Trauma Center, Red Steel, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Super Monkey Ball, and Madden NFL - it's not a bad list of games.
I ordered it on 24th of November and it arrived at my mom's on 6th of December. I had a colleague who was at Mountain View who was able to bring it to me the 11th of December (17 long days since I order it). So this was my first wiikend with the Wii. Basically, Victor and I played Zelda until our eyes bled.
Looks like I was pretty lucky, people are still queuing up all night to get one. That link points out the sad tale of 200 people lining up all night for 20 Wiis and 100 people for only 8 Wiis. I guess what helped me out was that I knew I wanted to get a Wii for a very long time (or at least since May 16th).
The Wii game console is highly recommended, now I really have no reason to go back to Microsoft Windows.


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