Unscheduled layover in Dallas

My flight back to Brazil was supposed to be San Jose, Dallas, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte. The first leg I had 40 minutes to get to my next plane (which means that it's likely that my bags would not make it). We left the gate of San Jose maybe five minutes late and then sat around the tarmac for another 5 minutes, so we took off about ten minutes late. The Dallas airport is huge and we have to taxi for what seems like forever and it made us 15 minutes late at the gate. So now I have 25 minutes to make the connection - and there's no way my bags will ever make it.
Except I'm at the very back of the plane, it takes another 10 minutes to get off so now I have 15 minutes. I run to the area where the train is and it just leaves as I arrive. Another 5 minutes waiting - plus running for a few minutes. Finally, I get on the train and I see that I have a huge number of stops to do. I'm at terminal A and I have to go to terminal D, there must be 7 stops I'll have to do - patience... After three stops we are at terminal B and the next terminal is D. The doors close and then open again! There's something wrong with the train. After about 2 minutes a voice is heard and claims they'll fix the problem in 5 minutes - I hope they hold the plane! After 6 minutes I ask around to see if it's possible to get from terminal B to terminal D, someone claims, yes but it's very far. I make a run for it. As I descend the stairs I see a airport guy going on a golf card and stop him. He starts taking me and calls on the radio - the plane has already left!
American Airline has only one flight to Brazil a day and at 7:40 pm - I'll have to wait 24 hours in Dallas. Worse, my connection in São Paulo to Belo Horizonte doesn't exist on Saturday with TAM airlines, to use the same affiliate airlines I'll have to fly to Rio de Janiero. Oh, the joys of travelling.


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