No Wii for me

Yesterday, I was hoping that maybe I could at least get on a list to buy the Nintendo Wii, but no luck. I tried but they sold out in less than a minute.
We are currently out of stock: We sold out of our initial supply of the Wii on Sunday morning, November 19, in less than one minute. We expect to receive periodic shipments of the Wii from Nintendo throughout the holidays and we will post availability updates in this section of the product detail page as well as in the customer discussions below.
Looks like they were selling the bundle and I was looking mostly at the basic Wii console package. If you don't mind 100%+ markup you can get the Wii on e-bay and from various other places. Even if they mark it up 270%, it's still cheaper than a PS3!


@TheSandyWalsh said…
I played a Wii this last friday at the office. It was a HOOT! The 5 sports games that come with it are really fun. I can see myself getting one. Until then, I'l still kicking out the jams with Guitar Hero 2.

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