Stretching before exercise impairs performance

Something I've known for a long time was that stretching before exercise became popular in the 80s, yet there was no scientific studies done to show if there's any benefit. I know this because I read an article on my wife's desk (she's a physiotherapist) basically saying this exact thing - there's no proof. In fact, anecdotally, I don't normally don't do much stretching but when I have I've often been injured. I probably overstretched and stretched because I was already feeling a bit of pain so I decided to stretch that day so it's not good evidence against stretching.
On a podcast that I listen to Quirks Quarks they had Dr. Ian Shrier from McGill University whoc mentioned that
[stretching is] old, and bad, advice. Research has shown that pre-workout stretching decreases performance and doesn't protect against injury.
What I got from the podcast and the article was
  • Stretching before doing a sport decreases performance (by a couple of percent),
  • Stretching before a sport doesn't decrease your chance of injury,
  • Stretching (like yoga) to increase flexibility (but not just before sport) may decrease injury since you have a greater range of motion.
  • Warm-up prevents injury, whereas stretching has no effect on injury.


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