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Shared bookmarks for user scott_kirkwood Project Info - pyExcelerator -- tagged as: [python library]
Cedar Backup -- tagged as: [backup linux tools python] -- tagged as: [enlightenment linux]
Enlightened Gnome: The Ultimate in Ubuntu Eye Candy - Ubuntu Forums -- tagged as: [linux desktop enlightenment]
DVD ripping and transcoding with Linux -- tagged as: [dvd linux video]
DVD Backup Script -- tagged as: [backup dvd linux]
How to create ISO images from your HD CD DVD - Ubuntu Forums -- tagged as: [linux dvd]
DVD for Linux Links - CSS and LiViD -- tagged as: [linux dvd opensource]
dvd::rip - A full featured DVD Ripper GUI for Linux, written in Perl -- tagged as: [dvd linux opensource]
poedit -- tagged as: [i18n opensource python programming linux]
NPR Sci Firday Podcast -- tagged as: [podcast science]
Linux Desktop: Using DPMS to reduce your power-bill (Linux Reviews) -- tagged as: [linux util video money]
Katamari Damacy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -- tagged as: [games]
OSCOM Kupu - Kupu WYSIWYG XHTML Editor -- tagged as: [ajax javascript web editor]


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