For more than a year I haven't used any shaving cream when shaving. I discovered over the web that the main purpose of shaving cream is to get you hairs wet. To fully saturate the hairs, however, you need to wet them for more than a minute (maybe 2-3 minutes). So what I do, of course, is take a shower, and the last thing I do after washing my hair and my body is to shave. There's no mirror so I use a finger to check any remaining stubble. Afterward, I double check in the bathroom mirror because I sometimes forget a spot. Plus putting on after-shave is another double check.
Doing some more research I found that using the old style double edged (or DE) razor is also better for your face. In Brazil these razors and razor blades are still readily available, and I've been trying them out. I find that they take a lot longer to shave your face and the chance of nicking yourself is far, far higher. But I'll keep trying until I go through the blades.


Anonymous said…
Scott, there is some good information here on performance shaving and extending the lfie of your blade. Not sure if the company want me to list this but there off a free trial kit at

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