I like my space pen

When I used to do a lot of crossword puzzles in bed I was frustrated with normal pens that would stop functioning because I was writing vertically. I heard about the Fisher Space Pen which can write on any surface, at any angle, even underwater. I thought the pen a little expensive and I thought that maybe it's too small, so I bought just the ink cartridge which was inexpensive. It worked fine when I housed the cartridge in a compatible pen. Eventually, someone took my pen with the pressurized cartridge. The last time I went to the States I bought the bullet space pen, and I couldn't be happier. It's so small that I always have it in my pocket (along with my keys and my USB drive). I love the fact that I have a pen that always works and is so small and practial. I highly recommend this little pen (actual size - at least on my monitor).

P.S. It's called the space pen because it was used by the astronauts. There's a joke where NASA spent millions of dollars to make a pen that would work in space, the Russians - they used a pencil. This is not true. Fisher spent lots of money developing the pen and conviced NASA to use it as a marketing gimmick.


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