Law: Defense contractors demand royalties on model plane and tank kits

Another reason why copyright is all screwed up.
Defense contractors (who built these war planes and tanks with tax dollars) are demanding royalties for up to US$40.00 per kit (kit's typically cost US15.00-$30.00) for the priveledge of selling plastic model kits of airplanes, tanks, ships etc.. It's a shame since these kit manufacturers have a difficult time selling these kits to begin with and now either have to pass the expense on to the customers or switch to using "no royalty" models, like Nazi Planes. You would think that this would either fall under the freedom of information act or perhaps under fair use since it is a model of airplane. My guess is that they are suing for royalties under trademark laws by not allowing the use of "Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcon", say. I guess the way around this is to call it "Model 123" and have the seller hint that Model 123 looks very much like an F-16.

Link via Boing Boing


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