On Being Shy

This was painful for me to watch [Click on The Art of Flirting, I couldn't link to it directly]. But one part that I found really helpful was this interaction with an expert (Dr. Lillian Glass) and the shy person (Deborah Garrett):
Glass: What do you feel like when you go to a room like that?
Garrett: I feel like I don't belong.
Glass: Ok, you know why? And you may think this is rude, but I'm not trying to be rude. It's because you're selfish. What do I mean by that? Shy people are selfish, you're thinking about yourself. Let's get unselfish - thinking about other people. What do you do? How are you? And all of a sudden, you're going to be a whole different person.
I think this might have helped me in some situations. I'm being shy, therefore I'm being selfish, I'm thinking about myself and my shyness. I should try and show that I'm interested in someone else by asking questions. I remember my dad talking to my mom (a long time ago) and saying, why does everyone like so-and-so? He never says anything he just asks questions.


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