Tesla Model 3 Pros/Cons


  • The doors and trunk often need to be slammed to make sure they are closed properly.
  • The frunk can't be closed without getting smudge marks on the hood.
  • The bluetooth software to unlock your car doesn't work quickly every time, although it's mostly Android's fault.
  • Parts of the central screen can be hard to read.
  • It's expensive.


  • The supercharger network is the best in the world. Fast and cheap and so easy to use, and is a key selling point.
  • The car's acceleration is instant and so addictive. Brings a smile every day!
  • The traction control is unbelievably good.
  • The handling and suspension are really good.
  • Probably the safest car on the road.
  • The whole car, and not just certain parts, can be fixed over the air by Tesla. Some days I wake up and the car can do new things.
  • The car is connected to the Internet, for free!
  • The battery will basically last forever, because Tesla protects it with careful software and engineering.
  • The enhanced auto-pilot makes driving long distances and commuting much more pleasant. It's a little like being an attentive passenger and not the driver.
  • Lots of little things, like the turn indicators, work better than in other cars.

Like Most Electric Cars

  • The brakes probably will last forever as regenerative braking means you don't use them very much.
  • There's not much that can go wrong or needs to be maintained - just tires and windshield wipers.
  • I can "fill up" at home, any day. It's way more convenient than driving to a gas station. I'm lucky that I can also fill up at work, for free.
  • I can preheat or pre-cool my car before I arrive - even if the car is in the garage.
  • In a pinch, I can charge anywhere there is an electric plug.
  • In some locations I have preferential parking and free charging.
  • Even if your state or province gets its electricity from coal, you would still emit less CO2 than most gas cars, it's that efficient (like 130 MPGe).


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