MAME Decal Mistakes

Mame with decals
The self adhesive poster came back from the printers and I quickly realized that I should have re-measured the MAME console.
The SVG file that I used was the original blueprints, but not exactly what I actually ended up cutting. My final console ended up being a bit deeper than the plan and some of the holes were placed by eye.
So you can see in the image that some decals that were supposed to be on the sides (like "Nintendo" and the packman ghosts) ended up appearing on the bottom. Also, some of the holes don't line up nicely with the text like "Start" and "Pause" are more obvious.
The resolution also isn't that great, I'm guessing that it's 100 DPI instead of 300 DPI which I was expecting.
But from a distance it looks pretty nice and I'm still glad that I went and did it. I'm a little wiser now - next time I'll make sure to remeasure.


gb said…
measure twice cut once as the old saying goes! ;) Cool console! I have MAME for my Palm T|X.
Martin Giroux said…
Real nice work. Scott where do you get your games?
Scott Kirkwood said…
One can search for MAME ROMS on bitorrent, for example.
You can find something like 6( Gigabytes of ROMS from many, many games.
Anonymous said…
Scott, what are you using for the guts of your MAME cab? I built one about 5 years ago using a P2-400, DOS, ArcadeOS, and MAME v0.76. Now I've got my monitor out for a cap kit and I'm thinking of doing an upgrade.
Scott Kirkwood said…
I used Ultimar and was very happy with the results.
I got two Mag Stick Pluses and the buttons and the I-Pac USB. For the monitor I just plug it in to the computer and I can put the console over the keyboard without hurting it.

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