Project Euler is having some problems, and in any event, I wanted to download the questions that I haven't completed yet so that I could work on some problems even when I'm off the net. I thought of use httrack which is made for this, but it doesn't seem to support passing cookies from firefox.
Wget is the swiss army knife for things like this here's what I did:
wget --load-cookies $COOKIE --convert-links --recursive --level=1 --restrict-file-names=windows $SITE
Where COOKIE points to my firefox cookie file (~/.mozilla/firefox/.defulat/cookies.txt)
and SITE is the project euler site (
The parameter --convert-links will update the links so that they work offline and --level is to go only one level deep. The restrict-file-names=windows is needed so that firefox can read files with ? or = in it.


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