From the blood tests it seems that I do have toxoplasmosis and have had it for a while, but the parasite has only attacked now. I've taken about 10 days of drugs which has it's own side effects (like insomnia). At night I get this nice purple color shift when I look at lights. Another neat thing is when I turn off the lights at night I see some activity still going on in the affected area (a little light show for 5 minutes). I'd say that the lesion has diminishing, although slowly. I can now see the tops of letters, but not quite enough to read comfortably with the right eye. My peripheral vision is unaffected but there's a big blind spot to the right and down of where by gaze would focus, and it makes things look sort of blurry when looking through both eyes.
I think my brain is starting to get used to looking mostly through the left eye, and I can work pretty much normally.
I'll be taking my drugs until the day or two after Christmas. I'm also off: soft drinks, packaged juice, and alcohol :-( .


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