File Rename Anyone?

I was in a meeting, editing a file and realized that the filename had a typo. To fix this I have only two choices, either do a "Save As..." which is probably the best solution, but then I would have to remember to delete the original file at some later point. Or I can quit the program, rename the file at the command line, load up the program and load up the new filename, ugh.
Why doesn't all software have File|Rename... menu option? Seems like such a common need, and it's lack encourages the use of bad filenames, it's just too much work to fix.
After programs like eclipse added the ability to rename variables and methods, the names I end up using are greatly improved. I don't need to add comments for most of my code because the names are self documenting.
Please, spend the extra hour to allow renaming in your app.


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