Sony's Culture and the PS3

I think I've been vindicated when I said that the Sony PS3 would be a failure. The main issue with the console was the insistence of putting a BluRay player on the device. I think it shows how there's an organizational/cultural problem at Sony. They insist on putting an expensive add-on to the game simply to satisfy some people in the media division of the company. The BluRay player does nothing to improve the gaming experience and in fact it a little slower than a fast DVD player. The rationalization was that some people would by the PS3 just for the BluRay player. And maybe, they might buy a game too. What kind of game do you sell to someone who doesn't really want to play games?

In a related note you can buy the PS3 with Linux pre-installed. Although that's really neat, it means there's one more reason to buy a PS3 and not play games!

Every current PS3 sold is sold at a loss. The only way Sony can recoup that money lost is by the licensing money from PS3 games and BluRay disks. For them to really make a lot of money both BluRay and the PS3 needed to be a success, and that was Sony's deluded dream.

The problem is, Sony should not be a media company and a hardware company at the same time. They need to make devices that people want without trying to tie the customers virtually by incorporating proprietary formats (DRM, Memory Stick, BluRay, etc.). They need to make consumer electronics that people want, again. They need to ditch Sony/BMG and Sony Pictures those divisions - they are like that cool friend you want to impress, but he keeps getting you in trouble.

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